Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank Goodness for Andy Schlafly

When there's a scientific advance that could improve the human condition and generate wealth, you know where I turn to make sense of it? That bastion of scientific literacy Conservapedia, which (for example) tells us that the recent announcement by Venter and Gibson et al is stunning evidence in favor of intelligent design. That's real funny, considering that here you can watch Craig Venter showing Richard Dawkins around his sequencing facility and expressly stating that genomics has given us more evidence for evolution than fossils ever did. I guess Venter and his people just keep blindly stumbling into all these fantastic achievements without realizing what they're doing. Thank goodness we have Andy Schlafly to explain it to them! Oddly, the day I posted this, Dawkins was the lead article at Conservapedia.

Bottom line: you want new medicine? You want a strong economy? Science and reason are the way to go, and they're in direct opposition to religious conservatives like Schlafly. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for the intelligent design establishment to create artificial life, or indeed do anything besides issue press releases and hire lobbyists.

But hey, you have to understand Schlafly's problem. It's a rough day for religious conservatives when a business and scientific triumph directly like this that will be a revolution for medicine and a huge win for the American technical establishment is so directly and teeth-gnashingly in their face.

It's worth pointing out that something important has been missed in all this: the important fact that this accomplishment is just the kind of thing we expect from the San Diego biotechnology community. I'm just pointing that out. No biased or self-interested reasons or anything like that.

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