Monday, June 14, 2010

Oklahoma Voters to See Ballot Measure Increasing Church-State Separation

Excellent. Oddly, it's a ballot measure to outlaw Shari'a. Really. They were that worried about it in OK. Often these kinds of largely irrelevant but mediagenic measures are put on ballots to get one or the other demographic to the polls. In 2004 Karl Rove put gay marriage measures on multiple state ballots - why would social conservatives want this? Because they knew that gay-marryin' would get people to the polls who would never vote otherwise, and it would even get socially conservative blue collar Democrats to vote GOP. This is why gay marriage was such a disastrous issue for Democrats. But the Democrats learned the trick well, and in 2008 there were multiple immigration issues placed on ballots. Immigration is similarly a no-win issue for the GOP. Business owners who finance GOP campaigns want cheap labor, and in the Southwest and California some of the most reliable social conservatives are Catholic Latinos - but tea-party types in Middle America want the damn furners out: again, lose-lose. One wonders what the plan is in the OK Corral.

I'm always jealous of folks in OK who have this level of Teh Crazy to fight the good fight against. At least this will be a nice rejoinder in future encroachments of Christians on church-state separation issues in that state. No doubt Christians see a huge difference between forcing their own version of faith on people, versus Muslims doing the same thing, but at the very least a law like this forces the hypocrisy further out into the open.

I'm surprised there's nothing at ERV about this yet but I imagine that there may be by the time you read this. Take it away Abbie! (Maybe she sometimes gets TCF - Teh Crazy Fatigue, as opposed to Chronic Fatigue.)


vjack said...

I bet they'll write the bill in such a way that it includes various loopholes for Christians. They'll do their best to be able to have it both ways.

Michael Caton said...

Of course. As always it will be interesting to see the verbal gyrations, if they even bother to conceal the real plan. Bills are often not read so they might not, although I imagine this one will get more scrutiny than usual.