Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Believe in the Rapture? I'll Give You Money!

(H/T) Pharyngula) We now have definite dates for the Rapture and the end of the world: May 2011 and October 2011.

I'm seeking true believers. People with real faith. If you really believe in this, this is the deal for you!

I will loan you ***$1,000*** - ONE THOUSAND SMACKAROOS - to be repaid 1 November, 2011. That means:

- You get free money, because you'll be gone and the world will have ended.

- Suckers like me that don't believe in the Rapture or the End Times will lose out.

- Only if the world hasn't ended (which it will of course) will you have to pay me back with 500% interest.

Now what would really disappoint me is if nobody takes me up on my offer. Because then you would be acting exactly like somebody who didn't really believe in any of this. And then I wouldn't know WHAT to think.

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