Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Should I Volunteer for the San Diego Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Group?

They have various roles for volunteers. The reason I'm hesitating at all is because on their main page, it says

We pray that Allah* will bless these not so everyday heroes - and all those who work and risk their lives to keep others safe.

The people or person who put this on here probably didn't think that they're excluding San Diegans who want to help their community, but that's exactly what a statement like that is doing. It says loud and clear to me "I don't care what you can bring to the table; if you can't accept this, we don't want you."

So back to the original question: can I in good conscience volunteer with a government organization that publicly states something like this?

*It said "God" instead of "Allah". Does that make a difference?


TGP said...

You could always join and make sure that when you get interviewed for saving hikers that you take all the credit and remind them that Jesus didn't do squat.

Michael Caton said...

As it turns out it's too much of a time commitment anyway, but there's another SAR group that's less time commitment AND doesn't have Jebus.

TGP said...

I'm trying to think of good shit for you to say when you rescue a lost hiker:

"We save you in the name of Satan!"

"We saved this hiker's body, but we left his soul in the woods."

Seriously, why would Christians want to do search and rescue until someone was missing for at least 40 days and 40 nights? What if they're wandering around out there in the desert for a "reason?"

Michael Caton said...

I think I'll just get out there in the desert and say "I'm gonna forget all that book-learnin' the Sheriff's Office gave us and let the Lord guide me." Amazingly, at that moment the Lord will then guide me right to the saloon for a cold Bud on the County's tab. It doesn't make sense to us, but it's His plan!

TGP said...

Bud? Your God is a cruel god. A benevolent deity would guide your hand to a Yuengling Lager.

Michael Caton said...

I know Bud sucks but I was trying to complete the picture of a desert saloon with a Red-State beer. On your side of the country Red America begins at the Appalachians. On this side it begins with the desert.