Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It Was Just a Matter of Time: Religious Nuts Claim Physics is Evil

Via PZ, Talking Points Memo points us to a Conservapedia article about the theory of relativity. Guess what? It's not in the Bible, so it's wrong! (Why then do space shuttle crews have to adjust their watches by a few seconds after circling the Earth every 90 minutes? Why are there people getting paid to write code so that orbiting satellites stay in sync with the Earth? Are NASA and all programmers in on the conspiracy too? Looks like Schlafly is the only one who's not.)

I had previously questioned why fundies don't hate quantum mechanics. One possibility is that the concepts haven't penetrated public discourse enough yet to disturb them. Schlafly doesn't seem too put out by QM just yet, perhaps his problem with relativity is the beginning of fundamentalist rejection of all post-Victorian physics. Note to Andy Schlafly: solid state physics isn't in the Bible either. Stop using the internet.

Good opportunity here to bring this guy up to religious conservatives. Schlafly isn't on the fringe. He's squarely within the religious right mainstream. This is the kind of person you associate with?

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