Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Time, The Methodists Are Right

I post this story in the interest of showing how fair-minded we atheists are. A Methodist congregation in San Francisco wants to demolish their church and put up a condominium complex. Apparently this is just fine according to zoning rules, but the city has decided that although the church is unsafe to occupy as it is, it's not so unsafe it needs to be demolished - and another group in the city is fighting the demolition in the interest of preserving historical character. So now, to be allowed alter (demolish) their own property, the congregation has to sue the frickin city. Absurd! It's the congregation's property, and San Francisco has plenty of character already. What it doesn't have plenty of are places to live, which is why housing is so astronomical. So write down the time and date - I just stuck up for Christians.

Sometimes San Francisco really does its best to reinforce stereotypes of itself. Can you imagine how this story would play out on Glenn Beck? Sheesh, I'm afraid to move back up there. Do I have to ask these same people if it's okay for me to sell my car? It's pretty high-mileage, so I don't know if that makes it historically significant.

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