Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are You One of the Good Guys? Be a Donor

I was prompted by two things: a) surviving my hematology final and b) a post at Epiphenom, which details the conspicuous absence of any mention of this life-saving practice in sacred scriptures. This is a great opportunity for secular types to show people what we're made of! (ZING!)

To register to donate bone marrow (or just learn about it) go to the National Marrow Donor Program. I just registered there a few minutes ago and will be getting my kit next week.

To register to be an organ donor, check the list of state registry programs. In some states (like California) you can identify yourself on your driver's license. I did it when I moved here. Yes, I know going to the DMV is a pain, so at least make a note to do it next time you renew your license.

Apologies to readers not in the U.S. - these resources are specific to the U.S. but most countries have similar programs. So don't let us Yanks out-do you, get on the web and find yours!

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