Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creation: Why Did He Rest On the Seventh Day, Or Ever

Christians: many of us atheists take your religion more seriously than you do. What do I mean by that? We think about questions we would want answered if we believed in the Christian God and wanted to understand the universe better.

For example: why did God rest on the seventh day, leaving us to create things that are not only useful but survival-critical? For example, irrigation, the wheel, and antibiotics. If you aren't a creationist and you do believe in free will, this is still a good question: God seems to have created the universe, but left it to us to figure it out so we could survive.

Even if there's a point to letting us figure it out, why did He leave us on our own at exactly the point He did? In other words, why not at least get Adam and Eve up to the Iron Age before you set them loose? Or why not make sure the Earth was stocked with instructions on the rules for transfusing blood to each other? Clearly He must have made such a decision about what was "enough" to give us. Far from splitting hairs, an answer to this question would provide key insights into the nature of the Supreme Being, the elucidation of which seems necessarily crucial in the life of a theist. That is, if I were in your position, I would want to know the answer to this, and I would be interested in making these kinds of inquiries myself or reading about those who do, much like Isaac Newton who wanted to know the exact dimensions of the Temple in Jerusalem. Yet most Christians seem uninterested in these kinds of investigations. Why do you think that is?


TGP said...

Inquiry into this either blind faith and ignorance or a delightful mashup of Hanlon's Razor and Clark's Law.

Alternately, consider that religious folks are worshiping the wrong Jews. The real deity is actually Rube Goldberg. Yahweh and Jesus were just his marketing guys.

Want to get a camel through the eye of a needle? You're going to need an umbrella, dominoes, boxing gloves, some small cages, some hydraulic actuators, a good sized box of differently sized gears, balloons, 52 mousetraps, a few thousand feet of flexible track, and a fucking ton of marbles or ball bearings.

Michael Caton said...

The Creator was Inspector Gadget. All is clear now. Alternative theology is always productive.

TGP said...

All-knowing, all-powerful, all-good, but with poor impulse control.