Monday, September 13, 2010

Forwards and Reverses in Autism-Vaccine Conspiracy Muddle

I was feeling pretty good when I read (via Steven Novella) about the CDC's report on thimerosal in vaccines (peer-reviewed journal article), showing (surprise) no link to autism.

Then it's back to square one with this court decision awarding $1,500,000 to the family of an autistic girl, to come from the Federal government (hat tip to my classmate Jon). I imagine there is an appeal in the works.


Anonymous said...

Just a clarification...
Hannah Polling definitely does not have autism, the award was because she had a previous Mitochondrial disorder. She had a series of "catch up" vaccines (9 in a day) which led to encephalopathy (, which has some symptoms which happen to coincide with autistic like ones.

The award was given because this is one of the specific effects that is covered under the law.

Michael Caton said...

This is an excellent clarification, thank you. I should know better than to draw a conclusion from one MSM medical story.