Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Sam Harris Lecture at UCSD, Wednesday October 27

RationalThought@UCSD is hosting a lecture by none other than Sam Harris on Wednesday, October 27. Stay tuned for the exact when-and-where details.

In the meantime, if you're at UCSD (or in the area) you can join the RationalThought discussion group, or you can get Harris's book that comes out on October 5, The Moral Landscape.

(Not in San Diego? Harris is speaking around the country.)


James said...

MouseWax said...

Please keep us updated! I really want to go to this. I am pushing our debate coaches here at Palomar College to let me do some rounds on the moral landscape and what science can tell us about morality. Those topics have really piqued my interest.

Michael Caton said...

Sure will. I always put Rational Thought at UCSD events here, but there's a calendar where all freethought/secular etc. events for San Diego are kept centrally -
You can find the link to it on this blog right above the brain picture. Hope to see you over here - say hello if you come. (There will be tons of people at this talk so I'll wear something identifying.)

Michael Caton said...

Also, thanks for posting the link James.