Monday, September 6, 2010

Impact of Hawking-Mlodinow WSJ Article Outside the Blogosphere

I spent a fair amount of time driving over the past few days and in particular listening to the AM radio stations that broadcast into the great empty spaces of the American heartland. The piece by Hawking and Mlodinow in the Wall Street Journal explicitly stating that no deities were required for the Big Bang has caused quite a stir in that medium. Using AM radio as a measure of non-blog-reading public response, that's good news, especially because of the right-leaning nature of AM radio.

In particular, Stand to Reason Ministries and that landmark of scientific accuracy, Coast to Coast AM, felt the need to address it. The reason I point this out is that the article has made barely a dent in the atheist blogosphere (are any of us surprised?) but when someone of Hawking's stature makes such a statement in print, there will be continued reaction from many quarters. This is a great chance to talk about non-theistic cosmogony. Be ready for friends and family to ask you about it.

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