Saturday, September 25, 2010

"It Gets Better" Campaign for Atheists?

You may already be familiar with the It Gets Better campaign for struggling gay teens. (If not, click through here and watch a video or two and you'll get the picture.) It was inspired by a gay teen who committed suicide in response to bullying.

If the Ask Richard letters at Friendly Atheist are any indication, most secular teens seem more annoyed by a few close-minded friends or family members than they seem actively oppressed and on the verge of suicide. In fact I think it's harmful to overstate how oppressed we atheists are because it scares people who might otherwise come out of the closet. (Go here to see the absolute worst thing that's ever happened to me as a result of my overt atheism.)

That said, there are still people in the closet because they're afraid of their family's reaction, being bullied, their job security, you name it. Do we need an It Gets Better campaign too? One that's targeted at kids and adults who feel trapped?


vjack said...

I had the same thought this morning after watching that video. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

Michael Caton said...

It's just that I'm concerned that atheists are too worried about sharing tales of oppression, and most of us lead completely happy, un-oppressed normal lives. It wouldn't do to be scaring people back into the closet!