Thursday, September 9, 2010

Koran Burning and P-Zed Myers

P-Zed has about the best comment so far, drawing a parallel to his own wafer-desecration. It boils down to "you don't like it? Boo hoo! It's the twenty-first century and no one has to show respect to anyone else's goofy beliefs. Get over it." Now, is it helpful? Even though I can't say I'm a big fan of the people who are doing it, this is an important step in the continuing desensitization of Muslims to blaspheming against their particular brand of silliness, a positive development which I argue can be measured just in the last 10 years. After all, Christians don't bat an eyelash over Slayer lyrics anymore - this is one step closer to Muslims being inured to the same degree.

Maybe someone needs to film themselves starting a camp fire with the Quran, Bible, Dianetics, Book of Mormon, and oh I don't know, Pride and Prejudice. Just because I hate Victorian novels. But I don't think lit majors are going to threaten violence over it.


Michael B said...

Dear sir
I find your comments rude offensive and down right inflammatory ,why you feel the need to set out to so obviously offend others is beyond me,in my many years experience never such an obvious attempt of baiting for a response have I seen,however I shall rise to your words,Pride and Prejudice was a fine piece of literal work and there was probably other good Victorians books as well !!

Michael Caton said...

Sir: I will have you know that of all the blaspheming I have done on this blog, none has resulted in as many threats of violence as my threat to burn copies of Pride and Prejudice (even from my classmates no less). This is predictable, as frustrated Victorian prudes are probably the most ready-to-explode people on the planet. However, I will not so easily be parted from my principles! Down with Pride and Prejudice! It should be called POOP and Prejudice! There, how about that?

TGP said...

Better would be to have someone set up across the street from the bonfire with a paper pulping machine and recycle religious tomes into public domain science textbooks.

-Lower carbon footprint.
-Recycling of otherwise squandered resources.
-Dissemination of real-world knowledge.

-I'm not bulletproof.

Alternately, mix shredded paper with raw garbage and chicken feces to create an excellent compost!

Michael Caton said...

How much paper do you need to make a new book? Is it 5 old for 1 new? It would be kind of cool to have the machine right there though.

TGP said...

If not books, maybe a some nice math worksheets or a poster of the periodic table?

I imagine a mobile paper recycling rig is going to make some fairly primitive, low-quality paper.

I suppose TP isn't out of the question.