Friday, September 17, 2010

Next Event For Rational Thought at UCSD: Attitudes Toward the Fetus, Sumer to the Present

When: Wednesday 29 September, 6-8 pm

Where: Red Shoe Room, Price Center West, UCSD

Who: Stephen Baird MD, Professor Emeritus of Pathology, UCSD School of Medicine

What: Free discussion, Attitudes Toward the Fetus: Sumer to the Present

One of the main issues that skeptics and rationalists have fought about with fundamentalists in recent American history is the use of fetal stem cells in medicine. The concept of the beginning of a human life has evolved over the ages, and differs substantially today between Western countries or even within their populations. Come hear Stephen Baird M.D., Professor Emeritus of Pathology at the UCSD School of Medicine, talk about this core issue for rationalists and secularists. What happens today with this question will have real-world impact and will certainly affect your medical options in the future.

For more information or some good old scientific gospel music - yes, really - visit Dr. Baird's home page.


Grego said...

Can you record these talks? You're getting some really interesting stuff!

Michael Caton said...

I know that the president of the club has recorded or tried to record them in the past, but that I know of they're not posted anywhere, but it would be cool. There was a glitch with mine so there's no recording, but that was the most boring one anyway. (Seriously, you want to address this group, you have some serious competitin.) There's a guy in the group (Hi Steve) that was starting a podcast so it might be easy for him to do it. I'll ask around the next time we all get together, which is next week.