Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Self-Correcting Beliefs in Action

There's a new blog called Retraction Watch, which concerns science research and is exactly what it sounds like. If science is really about dogma, how does one explain this? The absence of similar mechanisms to rid Islam or Christianity of accidental heterodoxy would seem to be suggestive.


Philippe said...

Thanks for the link to Retraction Watch.. that's a great website for me to show my students. I spent a week teaching scientific method, and already made them look up and evaluate journals on When I was a kid pre-internet our main skill was to find information. Find anything, especially in an encyclopedia, and we were golden. Now the kids easily have dozens or hundreds of sources online in 3.5 seconds, and the skill they need is filtering information. Amazing to me in retrospect.

Michael Caton said...

Amazing to me too. But I've observed that kids don't automatically grow internet search skills. I had thought the kid I mentored in the Bay Area would be instinctively savvy about search engines relative to myself at the same age but he and his friends seem fairly clueless about it.