Monday, November 8, 2010

Balanced Arguments Are More Persuasive

At least according to this Psyblog article. Yes, based on encounters not just with theists but bad-faith partisans of all stripes, I'm dubious too. But the underlying assumption here is that an argument which is balanced, i.e. presents criticisms of itself, will also present counterarguments to those criticisms - thus heading off those criticisms in the mind of the audience. A balanced argument in this sense is one that's better-defended, before potential objections even appear in the minds of the objector.


Philippe said...

Need I point out that you failed to present critisms and counterarguments to these conclusions?

Michael Caton said...

By pointing that out that shows that a) I am obviously right since you're persecuting me and b) you're wrong because by thinking this, you're a bad person.

You are correct that I didn't present counterarguments but I leave that to the authors and more qualified people who work in that field, if any of the folks who follow my pointer are looking for them.