Monday, November 1, 2010

No, Universities Don't Have to Consider Creationism to be Real Education

...and don't ask again, says the Supreme Court. A few years back, UC Berkeley (Cal) started openly citing creationist biology classes on a student's application as reason not to admit them. Some programs require biology, and creationism isn't biology. Needless to say the creationists screamed bloody murder. And it seems the Supreme Court agrees; the case had gotten that high, but the SCOTUS declined to even hear the appeal. TOTALLY NICE.

The author of the blog post I linked to makes an excellent point: "This is yet another one of those instances in which creationists try to have it both ways: creationism is religion when it's convenient accuse people of religious discrimination, and it's science when they're trying to get it into the public school curriculum." And when their kids are trying to get into a public university - it's nonsense, and the universities and the Supreme Court have decided on this. The lesson couldn't be clearer: if you want to give your kids (and your country!) an advantage in a world where scientific literacy is increasingly necessary - then make sure they learn about evolution.

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