Sunday, December 19, 2010

Apparently All Atheists Are Islamists

"...the American jihadists are a little late to the war on Christianity. Radical Islam’s secular enablers have been driving Christianity from the public square for decades." Thanks to Gary Bauer for clearing us up on that! I didn't know I loved Islam so much!

So while the rest of us Christians, "ethnic" Christians (like myself) and friends and family are enjoying eggnog and carols and family time in the comforts of each others' homes, the Christian right's culture warriors just don't want to let the Ghost of the War of Christmas Past die. My mother works at a travel agency and got a call from a pastor who said his church would never give them business because they used "Happy Holidays" in their December promotional materials. The call smelled of an organized campaign. What's funny is that the business is family-owned by strong Christians.

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TGP said...

Do they work out?

To some in-groups, all out-groups are just one big in-group and they're they out-group.

I love the so-called 'War on Christmas.' It gives me an opportunity to use all of these "Happy New Year, Ass-Face!" cards I bought years ago. When I want to offend you, it will be on my terms, and you'll know it.