Monday, December 27, 2010

Eric Cantor Strangely Quiet These Days

Remember Eric Cantor's call to have the public scrutinize the NSF budget and demand cuts to whatever seems spurious? Although alarming, many people called it a populist-pandering stunt that was likely just to impress the social conservative base that would ultimately go nowhere.

I'm relieved that it was probably just hot air (he's said little about it since), but still badly irritated that politicians abuse their platform to make disingenuous hot air statements to rile certain demographics. But to do this they count on the public having a short memory.

Not surprisingly it seems to have been a stunt. I think we should start centrally keeping track of politician "stunt announcements" like this one and making sure we keep asking about them in the future. In this situation, what's he going to say? "Don't you understand voter, that was just hot air that I had no intention of pursuing?" That'll look great to the electorate.

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