Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do You Still Hold Your Tongue Around Smokers?

If you're really dedicated to getting people to stop doing irrational things that hurt themselves and others, getting people around you to quit smoking should be at or very near the top of your list. Chances are they do want to quit, and maybe you're the voice that'll make them try. (Again.)

Here's more motivation: the tar from 400 cigarettes distilled down for visual impact. For a 2-pack a day smoker that's only 10 days. Go ahead, be that pest who forwards it to your smoking mom or cousin or co-worker:

Make sure you include how-to-quit resources if you show this video to people.


TGP said...

I don't say anything, I just point my moralistic six-year-old in their direction and wait.

TGP said...

It looks like the vandals had this handled in 1923...

And then "strong winds" took care of it in 1952.

If 'an act of god' takes out your holy object, take a friggin' hint.

Michael Caton said...

Second comment is RE Mt. Soledad cross?

TGP said...

Yes, dammit.

I couldn't see the link through the smoke.