Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey Harold Camping, Your Date's Coming Up

Harold Camping and his followers believe the world will end this May. Of course, it won't. And when the world does not end, they will make amazing excuses. Let's review all possible excuses that would be made by a group of people who know their gig is up, once the date comes and goes:

1) Whoops, my calculations were wrong! The end will come, on this date in the future. (Note: Camping predicted the end of the world previously, in the 1990s, and incredibly this doesn't stop people from following him.)

2) The world started ending, can't you see? It won't finish ending until (new date in future).

3) Hooray, we stopped it/God spared us!

4) It did come! We're all dead and in the afterlife right now.

5) Incoherent citations of scripture whenever confronted. (Non-response.)

6) Disappearing from the internet and the eye of the press (sadly, this non-response is probably the most likely. I'm mean but I want to see the look on these people's faces.)

7) Incoherent statements that they're entitled to their beliefs, and the rest of us have to respect them. (Non-response.)

I challenge Camping and his followers to respond after the end date in May comes and goes with something not covered by one of these. Note that we shouldn't expect the non-event to change their minds, just to see some entertaining contortions.


Tim said...

I'm actually a Christian, not an atheist, but I share your disgust for these types of date-setting attempts... I predict your #1 or #2 will occur, sadly. Too bad they don't heed Jesus' own warnings, e.g. Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32, Acts 1:7, etc.

Michael Caton said...

The thing that's just so amazing to me (and I've mentioned it before but I just can't get over it) is that Camping did this once before, and his followers know that.