Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Draw Mohammed Day Pictures!

Yes yes, my Muhammad drawings are a little late. But hey, it was finals week. Plus, EVERY day is Draw Muhammad Day at MY house! (Besides, did you do one?)

Just for grins: for the duration of my writing this blog post I submit to the will of Allah (that's just so I can un-submit at the end and become an apostate. Again.)

The prophet Mohammed, being totally metal in the desert with ALLAH HIMSELF. See, I went one further and showed you Allah too. Underpromise, overdeliver. (Note: if it looks like Allah and Mohammed were in fact on the way to Vegas at that moment, your infidel sensibilities are mistaken.)

The prophet Mohammed, in one of his more capitalist moods.

The prophet Mohammed, taking a well deserved break from destroying Cybertron. Yes, this is for TGP.

The prophet Mohammed. Why Mohammed, this is a side I've never...seen of you, before. (For more of this Mohammed go here.)

And while I'm going down this particular road:
The extremely handsome prophet Mohammed. To see more of Mohammed go here.

If you're not Mohammededed out, here are a few more. Also, I reject the will of Allah. Double-apostate! BOO-YAH!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I thought your blog was still on hiatus and you went and came back on the down low and then drew me a phat Unicron/smiley mashup?

Anonymous said...

If you have balls outside your mothers mouth you will come to California and say this shit

Michael Caton said...

And what happens then big guy.