Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eddie Griffin Delivers Classic Skeptical Arguments as Comedy

A lot of comedy is about spotting inconsistencies; no surprise that religion is prominently featured in comedy routines. You probably don't think of Eddie Griffin as an authority on the topic of, say, theodicy, but you don't have to. I have no idea about Griffin's rationalist convictions, but he's putting some very familiar skeptical thoughts in the heads of people who may never have encountered them before. We need more people like this; think of the impact he's having! If you're not familiar with his routine, watch it but do please know that it's not safe for work. (Embedding is disabled so click here and listen while you read. Did I mention it's NOT safe for work?)

Notice how he gets through the following topics, not once getting bogged down talking about epistemology or evolution, all while making people laugh their asses off, and getting paid to do it. In 7 minutes. In order:

- Strange mismatch between the purported message of religion and the apparent motivations of the people running religious institutions (i.e. money, sex)

- The role of religion as a cause of war

- Questions of Biblical authorship (Bart Ehrman's great but he's not this entertaining)

- My favorite: innate morality as separate from religion. ("Nobody ever had to tell you it's wrong to kill your mama. Somehow you born innately knowin that. Which means you born knowin right and wrong so put the book down. Cause it will f**k you up.")

- Inconsistencies in the Biblical account of creation

- Inconsistencies in the Biblical accounts of Christ's powers

- Disputing special access to knowledge about the nature of God

- The problem of a benevolent, all powerful creator intentionally tempting his creation

- Christians being threatened by Islam because Islam is more virulent; Christians not endorsing their delusion as strongly and therefore ("Naw, [Jesus] wouldn't want me to [kill myself with a suicide bomb]. He just blessed me with this house. I'm sure he wants me to live in it.")

(H/T Laura with the Penn State Atheist/Agnostic Association).

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