Friday, July 15, 2011

New Miss USA Is Choreographer for Science Cheerleaders

Originally I posted an article at my geek blog here about the [superlative] Science Cheerleaders:

Related story: remember all the kerfuffle about how most of the Miss USA contestants (sadly) hemmed and hawwed about evolution being taught in schools, in response to one of their questions? Thrillingly, the newly crowned Miss USA - Laura Eilers of Virginia - is the Science Cheerleaders' choreographer - and she makes no bones about evolution being taught in schools.

There is still way too much emphasis in the freethought movement on scientists - and the fact is, many people connect better with other groups of people, especially entertainment industry-types. It's best to have a strategy of "public faces" in all arenas of accomplishment. That's why I really, really wish atheists would make Laura Eilers a household name. Josh Rosenau puts it well:

Ms. Virginia, or "huge science geek" Miss California...can go into rooms and connect with audiences that just don’t care to listen to anything said by me, or PZ Myers, or Richard Dawkins, or Eugenie Scott. So can a professional cheerleader. And if the goal is to make a more science literate society, it behooves us to make sure that women waving pom poms or wearing a sash with a state name on it are just as ready to talk about the joys of science as a doctor in a white coat or a geologist in dusty jeans.

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