Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sam Harris is Finding Out About the Atheist Political Divide

It's often noticed that atheists tend to be strongly left-progressive, or strongly libertarian. With his recent articles on taxing the rich, Sam Harris has uncovered this in a way I've not seen before.

Speaking as someone more on the libertarian side of things, and as someone who thinks Ayn Rand made some important contributions, I find it embarrassing that my fiscal-conservative comrades are so intolerant of someone they otherwise admire expressing opinions that differ from theirs. Ronald Reagan said that someone you agree with 80% of the time is an ally.

Even for those who vehemently disagree, by refusing further contact with him, you're acting exactly like an affronted theist who can't believe someone would disagree. Harris has absolutely been and continues to be a hero of reason, so to all the pouting atheist-libertarians throwing temper tantrums about this article, I suggest you go sign on with someone like Michele Bachmann, who has learned to make some quacking noises like "Friedman" and "Hayek" occasionally. I'm sure her level of skepticism and critical thinking will satisfy you.

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dbonfitto said...

As atheists, we should be able to discuss economics as the long, complex, boring math problem that it is.

It's not magic and it doesn't have to follow dogma. We can do "what works" and change our minds later if a better option is revealed.