Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do You Have Contacts At San Diego Colleges Besides UCSD and SDSU?

People from SDSU and UCSD are putting together an atheist student organization event. Nothing fancy, just a chance to socialize and network. Official date and place announcements to come, but it will be in November in San Diego.

So far we've unofficially announced at UCSD's and SDSU's atheist student groups, but what I need are contacts for students and groups at these schools:

University of San Diego
Cal State San Marcos
Palomar College
California College SD
SD City College
Miramar College
Point Loma Nazarene
John Paul the Great
San Diego Christian

Are you at those schools? Did you transfer from one of them? Or know somebody who's attending now? Please go ahead and forward this link right now (seriously, right now, the post will still be here when you get back.) Or, you can email me at You certainly don't have to be in a group to come to this student event, but of course if there is a group at your school, we'd like to get contact info. Thanks in advance.

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