Friday, September 30, 2011

More Local Coverage of SDSU Atheism Course with Campus Groups

Article here. Usually these kinds of posts conflate the atheist course with the campus groups, although Jacob (the writer) stops short of claiming that explicitly. This might be a valid point if Professor Whitaker was telling students to pass the course they'd need to sign up for SDSU Secular Student Alliance, then they'd have a point. Are classes on Norse mythology converting people to Odinism? Unless there's an Odinist club on campus and you have to be a member to pass the class, I wouldn't worry about it.

On a side note, do you, fair reader, know of any other San Diego-focused atheist/rationalist blogs? I looked but the first few pages of "san diego" atheist blog turned up only yours truly. Now that can't be, especially since there seems to be no shortage of San Diego online prose that don't like atheists very much. If you could leave blogs (and other online resources) in the comments or just email me at I would greatly appreciate it.


Jacob Hubbard said...

Hey Michael,

I appreciate your post in regards to my blog entry. While it wasn't my intention to imply that in order to pass classes, you must "sign up for the SDSU Secular Student Alliance," I still nonetheless appreciate your thoughts.

This is all I'll say for now. Let me know if you have any questions regarding my thoughts on this issue. Hopefully this can be this can be the starting point for a civil dialogue. :)

Michael Caton said...

Absolutely, glad to see you here Jacob.