Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who Voted No to Renew "In God We Trust"?

It was 396 for, 9 against, 2 abstaining. has the full vote here.

Of course with 407 present who presumably have glanced at our constitution at some point, it should have been 407 against, but we should still give credit where credit is due. Who were those 9? Pay special attention to the first one:

Justin Amash R-MI
Henry Johnson D-GA
Pete Stark D-CA
Michael Honda D-CA
Judy Chu D-CA
Emmanuel Cleaver D-MO
Gary Ackerman D-NY
Jerrold Nadler D-NY
Robert Scott D-VA (

Yes, a Republican voted against this! Congrats to Rep. Amash and the rest of his colleagues who did the right thing. You can see where Amash's voting record puts him in the context of the overall Congress on Govtrack's nifty plot (leadership on Y axis, left-right orientation on the X).

The voting plot for everyone in Congress is here. This kind of graphical representation is very useful.

Also worth pointing out: Robert Scott has participated in the hearings on the Constitutionality of faith-based initiatives, and Pete Stark is the only openly non-religious person currently in Congress. Of course not only are nonreligious Americans badly underrepresented in Congress, but our issues are often ignored or villified. But here's a direct question. Without looking it up, right now, do you know your state and Federal Reps.' names? If you don't even know who they are, why would they care what we think?

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