Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Camp Pendleton Cross

Duncan Hunter is now involved and has sent a letter to the base commander. This is the son of the previous Rep. Hunter, who Federalized the land around the Soledad cross in La Jolla to avoid taking it down by changing jurisdictions (the case had already been decided). So much for keeping big government out of local affairs!

In a sign of the apoliticalness of San Diego publications (especially the Union-Tribune), so far I've only seen the story in the Marine Corps Times and the Bellingham Herald, but not in a San Diego publication. Bellingham, Washington? Seriously? That's at exactly the other end of the American Pacific Coast!


dbonfitto said...

Perhaps a cage could be placed around it and a lottery could be held to see which symbol is displayed each year?

Michael Caton said...

That seems to be the solution that's being used a little further north.