Friday, December 23, 2011

Success of Societies and Religion

In a post over at the good professor Coyne's, he puts up this plot:

Graphics linking religion to political and economic indicators are extremely useful. Another way of looking at the political success vs religiosity question is failed state index vs religiosity, which I wrote about before. X axis is % saying God is important or very important in their lives, Y is failed state index:

Controlling people's behavior right here in this world is what the religion game is really about; and it's rhetorically useful that many social conservatives in the U.S. who reject any mention of evolution are suddenly hesitant when they envision East Asian high-tech economies overtaking our own, because the kids on the other side of the Pacific aren't crippled by dogma. Of course some people might think their faith is more important than economic success, but I bet voters respectfully disagree.

A great source on the success of non-religious societies Zuckerman's Society without God. Coyne's original post is here; he also has one showing the world map of skepticism.

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