Monday, February 6, 2012

Darwin Day San Diego! Feb 12, 11am

Come to SeekTech (3855 Ruffin Road in San Diego) for some live science demonstrations and cake for the good Dr. Chuck on his birthday. Learn more here. Bring the kids! Your humble blogger will be there manning the biology table, and there will be physics and chemistry demonstrations too. (Note: live DNA extractions! Will not utilize children unless they're acting up.) This will also be a great chance to ask questions about Camp Quest. California now has TWO, one for north (July 8-14) and south (July 22-28).


Also: the San Diego Brain Bee is Febrary 12 too, Auditorium B210, 211, 212 in the east building of the Super Computer Center at the UCSD campus in La Jolla. This is exactly what it sounds lke. If you want to compete put it on your calendar for NEXT YEAR, since the application deadline was back in December, but you can apply at the website in the fall for next year. High school students all over the world are competing in this neuroscience competition, and the winner of the San Diego Brain Bee will get a trip to Baltimore to compete in the National Brain Bee in March. It's great that this exists to get high school kids interested in neuroscience. (Important note: I contributed questions for the San Diego Bee, but if you're competing and you think some of the questions were bad, those weren't mine. Mine are awesome.)

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