Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mt. Soledad: The Message from the Pro-Cross People

I joined the crowd at the Mt. Soledad ceremony this morning at 11am. The first thing to emphasize is that the pro-Separation turnout was fantastic. We were really well represented, had a table with materials and sign-up sheets - in general, a great showing!

The pro-cross people had a number of speakers and they had their own audience (we were all standing respectfully in the same crowd). What was interesting about their message is that they confused the need to remove the cross with a desire to remove the whole memorial. To be very clear: I personally have never heard of a single person who wants the whole memorial removed, and furthermore I personally would fight against the whole memorial being removed. The memorial is great. As the son of a veteran, I could (and would) hardly say otherwise. It's one small part of the memorial that's the problem.

My father was an atheist and a naval officer. As long as some of us Americans continue to confuse god and country, he and people like him won't be appropriately commemmorated. Keep the memorial, lose the cross.

There's going to be a bump in the news over this issue, so remember to write in comments sections or even letters to the editor. Keep it short and sweet and frame it in terms that will appeal to military families and patriotic people who never stopped to think about how god and country are separate things.

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