Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quran Burnings by the U.S. Military: Does It Matter?

Imagine that the U.S. were involved in a conflict where insurgents had read a political manifesto. Captured insurgents were shown copies of the book being burned. In the same conflict, captured American soldiers were shown copies of the Constitution and the American flag being burned. Would this be unjustifiable in the context of a military operation? Would it be a violation of their rights?

Now change the burned documents to ones which claim to have magic powers. Does this change your answer?

We can expect Muslims to cry about Qurans being burned, but I would argue that not only is no apology owed, but that this should happen more. The more Qurans (and Bibles, and copies of Quotations by Chairman Mao, etc.) are burned, the more that hair-trigger whiners who demand special treatment get de-sensitized.

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