Monday, February 6, 2012

Shocker: Conspiracy Theorists Secretive, Not Internally Consistent

Ever notice how when people believe in one crazy thing, they're more likely to believe in other crazy things too? Even when those crazy things seem a little bit absolutely mutually exclusive? In a paper that's available free online until 15 March, we see that (for example) people who believe that Diana faked her own death (and is therefore still alive) are more likely than non-conspiracy-theorists to believe that she was intentionally murdered (and is therefore dead). Hello McFly! Interestingly, conspiracy theorists are also more likely to be interested in joining a conspiracy.

So if people are adopting mutually-exclusive beliefs, what's going on? It seems to be stemming from general distrust of official narratives. Speculatively, this is the same process that seems to be going on with religious engineering types who always seem to be the ones "seeing through" the conspiracy of evolution.

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