Sunday, March 11, 2012

Schullers Resign from Crystal Cathedral Ministry, Orange County

Robert Schuller

If you live in Orange County and you're running across this article, and you want to meet people who think like you or you're just curious, come meet us!

Orange County:
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The WSJ has a piece about the ongoing travails of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Orange County. Here's an earlier post from a month or so ago when the troubled ministry's shiny cathedral visible from I-5 was sold to the Catholic Church.

What's interesting about these events is how there's nothing going on that's not explicable by completely natural law. Here's an organization that believes it has a line directly to the most powerful being in the universe and yet as they fall apart, their reorgs and dealings and legal struggles appear to be of exactly the same kind as those of General Motors. If someone claimed to be the representative on Earth of a powerful alien species with unimaginable technology, but then had to start selling property to pay their bills, you'd have similar questions for them. The less diplomatic among us might ask whether the good Lord's bailout-ability has been affected by the bad economy.

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