Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Swallows Not of San Juan Capistrano

A familiar SoCal story gets a skeptical treatment. Donald Prothero gives the real skinny on those swallows at SkepticBlog.

The story of the swallows isn't false!
It's just not real in the literal sense.

If this picture doesn't look familiar to you,
Please remedy the situation quickly
by going here.


Anonymous said...

You're so indoctrinated you're beyond stupid. You're just a Useful Idiot for Cultural Marxism. The Frankfurt School would be proud.

Michael Caton said...

Madame or Sir: well I certainly wasn't expecting a post about birds to prompt such passion! If this isn't a cut-and-paste drive-by or a robot, I (sincerely) invite you to expand on your comments.