Friday, April 20, 2012

American Bishop Says Obama is Like Hitler

Too rich. If that Bishop believes that, shouldn't the guy actively support Obama, like many of the German bishops did with Hitler? (Who was a professing Catholic.) Or at least look the other way? This article says it all.

The most sickening discontinuity: the Catholic Church never got around to excommunicating a SINGLE NAZI. Name me any organization you belong to that would not kick someone out, posthumously or otherwise, if it discovered that they had been an actual Nazi. (If there are any, wouldn't you quit?) So in Catholic Church moral math, a single abortion (which DID recently cause an excommunication) is worse than six million executions. Offended? Tell me where I added wrong.

But all this pales in comparison to the follwing fact, which we seem to have gotten a little too used to: the Pope, the guy running the show at that bishop's church right now, was actually in the Nazi military during World War II. You can't say he was actually a Nazi since he was a minor until the end of the war, but you can say he was a Luftwaffenhelfer. (Kind of a batboy for the Luftwaffe.) If you found out a politican had served as a boy in the Nazi armed forces, would you vote for them? Would you sell your stock in GM if you found out the CEO was a Nazi batboy? Would let this person teach your kids or fix the wiring in your house? I'm not being cute by comparing the Pope and the Church to "mundane" jobs; I would think that if you hold the Church in some special light, you would hold them to at least the same standard as General Motors. Somehow, for hundreds of millions of people, it's okay that Ratzinger is the highest representative of morality and truth on Earth.

If it seems like it's been pick on the Church of Rome week here, just remember that Draw Mohammed Day is coming up.

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