Sunday, April 15, 2012

Craziness in Mainstream Religion

A criticism of atheists is that we focus on fringe elements that misrepresent what religion is really about.

Here is a documentary trailer, about an officially approved-by-the-home-office exorcist who works for the single biggest Christian denomination in the world, Catholicism. He is interviewed and talks about his work in his own words. This is as mainstream as it is possible to be.

Catholics: is this real? If not, then why are you Catholic?


Anonymous said...

I can understand how dark age thinking locks you into these archaic beliefs. Modernization has not reached the majority of people in the world. Access to knowledge is still limited to the lucky minority. Hopefully, the truth about the natural state of the world will eventually be absorbed by the ignorant masses through Science, technology and education.

Michael Caton said...

Unfortunately it's not as automatic a process as we might otherwise think.

Abeille said...

It is scary to me how many people believe in demons and possession.