Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dawkins in San Diego: A Huge Success

By all reports (which I had to rely on because I couldn't go because I'm 500 miles away dammit) things went smashingly and the turnout was incredible (well over 2,000 I've read). I even know someone from up here in the Bay who was down there to see the event. Dawkins has competition though, since I've heard from people who said they liked Sean Faircloth or Elisabeth Cornwell better as speakers. Too much star power edged out Dawkins a little? That's a good problem to have.

Missed it? Poke around on Facebook for the pictures (I can't find them but will post them here when I do). In the meantime, here's a radio interview from before the talk. There's been surprisingly little media coverage of the event. In a way I find that encouraging. Thousands of atheists assemble; little to no public outcry!

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Anonymous said...

I made the small drive from LA to go to this and can attest that Sean Faircloth (who I'd already seen before) and Elisabeth Cornwell were much better speakers than Dawkins. While an absolutely amazing author and speaker on specific scientific topics, he clearly needs some training in created a focused and timed presentation for a general audience. It sort of jumped around a bit and he literally got to a slide and was like "oh, looks like time is up, I'll just end there".

That said, I think he was back in his element during the Q&A, even with about 2/3 of the questions being "hostile" in one form or another, one of them even trying to catch him in a word play trick to get him to say that he thought killing an infant was as bad as killing a sheep/lamb.