Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Crosses at Camp Pendleton

The Solded Cross gets all the press in San Diego, but Camp Pendleton has some crosses that have generated controversy as well.  And they seem to make more news than the one on Soledad.  If you can comment on news stories like this one when they appear, there's a good chance that on-the-fence people will see your (hopefully constructive) comments.  Set a news alert!  I have one for "San Diego" "atheist" and the Pendleton crosses are by far the most popular subject that pops up.

Note:  patriotic Christians confuse "take down the crosses" with "take down the monuments to soldiers", whether purposefully or otherwise.  They don't understand that there can be a difference between god and country.  If we hammer on the point that pro-separation people like the armed forces just fine and support the monuments but not the crosses, their confusion on this point will become more glaring.

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