Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't Let the Christianists Spin the Soledad Cross Story

They keep repeating that the monument is going to be removed.  It's not, and no one has tried to remove it, just one part of it that's disrespectful to the non-Christian heroes and patriots the monument is supposed to be honoring - like my father, a naval officer and atheist.  Here's a quote from another article in the Times and Democrat
Allyson Ho, lead counsel for the co-defendant, the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association, said her group remained hopeful the cross would still remain in place despite Monday’s defeat.
“While we are disappointed the Court did not accept this case for review at this time, we are hopeful we can find a solution that will allow this veterans memorial to remain where it has stood for over half a century,” she said.
See how she confused the two questions?  It may or may not be intentional, but either way, it's perpetuating the America = Christianity confusion that threatens separation of church and state.  If you see this stuff online, take two minutes to challenge it, but do so politely and in terms of their values.  By leaving a comment in articles like that you're distilling your audience to the people that care about the issue (on both sides) and shifting momentum.

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