Thursday, June 7, 2012

Korea Removing Mention of Evolution from Textbooks

Korea is one country where the Christians are winning (not majority yet, but probably around 30% and growing).  And now, the Korean government, in an apparent effort at economic slow-suicide, is removing mention of evolution from textbooks.

But this may not be enough.  Korea, I would caution you - you've already produced a great number of brilliant scientists who quite strongly accept evolution.  So don't stop with school books.  Your universities and graduate institutions are vipers' nests of evolutionists.  And above all else, do NOT let your foreign-educated scientists and engineers back into the country after studying evolution-related sciences overseas.  As an American I'm only too happy to make the sacrifice and keep them here where they can't contaminate you.

In all seriousness, this development is great news - for America's economy.  Because Korea will no longer be a serious competitor in the global tech economy.  No more cloning and stem cell achievements from there!  They'll be producing generations of bad students who believe in magic.

And the rest of us can be forgiven for starting to think that with this step, Korea is reverting to its natural state - backward, underdeveloped, and always (unsuccessfully) trying to catch up to Japan.

No, I don't really think that, but if you're Korean and that hurt - then do something about this stupid policy, because there are people who WILL think that.

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