Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court Won't Hear Soledad Cross Case: Victory for Separation?

As of today, the U.S. Supreme Court has stated that it will NOT hear the Mt. Soledad Cross case.  Unless my sophomoric understanding of our legal system is incorrect, this is good news - because what this means is that the prior decision of the appeals court stands.  That decision was that the cross has to come down.

In February there was a rally at the monument led by pro-Cross forces, and a counter-rally staged by SDNA.  What was immediately clear is that in the minds of the pro-Cross people, this was an assault on the monument as a whole - that we wanted to get rid of all commemmoration of soldiers and America.  They will no doubt continue to spin it this way.  So when you run across a Soledad article online (or you set a Google News alert for it), make a point of leaving a comment.  There's only a finite number of people contributing to and reading these comment sections and you really can make a difference.  Even better, get in touch with Americans United or come out to an SDNA event!

The monument as it should be, with nothing distracting us from honoring our servicemen and women.

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