Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creationists, Again: When Have You Ever *Done* Anything?

Beliefs are for doing things.  To this end, frequently people ask where the creationist discoveries are (instead of rationalizing the amazing scientific achievements of others; here's someone who built a jellyfish out of rat cells!) or ask where the creationist biologics and pharmaceuticals to cure disease are (instead of...doing nothing).

But another approach is to ask theist social conservatives, why such enthusiasm for a clearly Darwinian enterprise like capitalism - survival of the fittest! - but not in other areas of the world?  Is it really that hard to see the pattern elsewhere, producing similar results?  If central planning is so bad in economics, why is it so great in life on Earth?  Why make your god the Genetic Politburo?

Above: the role that creationists are putting God into, i.e. Commisar of Biology. You would think they would favor letting the free market of evolution produce life.
At Evolving Economics there's a review of Why Most Things Fail, a book which analyzes the limits of complex systems to deal with complexity.  To this end, the author looks at the similarity of species and business extinction.

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