Wednesday, July 18, 2012

God Says He's Prouder of Mountains Than Humans

From the Onion.  "The Lord also pointed out that while it was physically impossible for a human to kill a mountain, the rocky behemoths could easily slaughter a person and did so nearly every day, a fact that He said was 'just another reason mountains are categorically better.'"

This is just fantastic on every level.  Serious questions for creationists:  why all the clear imperfections left for us mortals to clean up?  Aren't we interfering with God's plan by treating diseases, especially congenital ones?  (The Christian Scientists have thought about this one.)  And just as important, why is it humans, above all things, require special creation as opposed to mountains or Jupiter or rabbits?  No joke:  I actually knew someone in college who said he could believe evolution applied to rabbits but not to people.  The saddest part of that sentence is "in college".

(Want to crash a creationist talking-points training event at the Discovery Museum in San Diego?  Details here; if you want to go, you should coordinate with San Diego New Atheists!)

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