Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dan Nerren: Atheist Hero

Dan Nerren is going to give an atheist invocation to start off the Tulsa City Council meeting, in place of the Christians that do so every other session.  You bet he's going to get and is already getting a lot of hate for this.  He's also going to reach a lot of people who don't even know what atheism is about, or don't know there are other reasonable people out there.  (Previous atheist hero here.  Have your own suggestion?  Email me or comment to nominate someone!)

Of course, this should inspire us, which is another way of saying we should turn it around on ourselves as a challenge.  What was the last thing each of us did to raise the profile of a rational worldview - even (or especially) when it makes us temporarily uncomfortable?

Dan Nerren, my hat is off.  I hope here in San Diego we can rise to the standard you've set for us in Tulsa.

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