Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tomorrow, Wed. Aug 29 9-11pm - Interview on World Tuned Radio

Tomorrow night Wednesday August 29, Debbie Allen Skomer (head of San Diego Coalition of Reason) and I will be guests on Urban Emotionz on World Tuned Radio. The host will have a pastor on and Debbie and I will represent the atheist viewpoint, finally revealing to the world what savvy manipulators of the media we atheists are. (Yeah right.)

You can find the station website here, then look for "Click Here to Listen Live" in the upper right. Their call-in number is 760-967-8863, so if you're listening, give us a ring! Having more atheist voices calling in from outside will give atheist a lot more credibility with the audience. You can also email questions in to the show at urbanemotionzshow@gmail.com.

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