Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept 29 - Ray Comfort at Creation Museum in Santee!

This is not to be missed.  Saturday September 29th, Banana expert Ray Comfort* will join fantasy novel biologist Derek Isaacs* for a sermon (de facto) at our own creation museum in Santee.  This is on the San Diego Coalition of Reason calendar (cink aways at right on this blog) as well as on the San Diego New Atheists event list.  There are already a number of other people signed up to go.  Suggestion - sit separately to give the (accurate!) impression that it's not just one little knot of people in the community who reject creationism.

Worth asking:  whether it's better to be an Islamic creationist than an evolutionist, why, specifically, they reject the Muslim account of creation, and whether they're worried about eroding America's technological edge in biomedical technology.

*Seriously, click those links.  These are the kinds of people they consider authorities.  Strange that bananas were somehow forgotten in the Bible, exactly as you'd expect if it were written by regular people making up stories a few thousand years ago.  And be gentle to Isaacs when you tell him that yes sweetie, dragons are certainly very neat, but honey, they aren't real.

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