Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nation of Islam and Scientology Join Forces

That title is serious. As in not kidding. As in this is a secular comedy gold mine. Is it surprising that these two unsavory groups have found fast friends in each other?  But one serious question - the article tells us about a Scientology meeting with three Congresspeopele in attenance.  So who were these Congresspeople that were there? Wouldn't that look really, really bad to their evangelical Christian constituents that they were consorting with (and no doubt in thrall to) these pagans? That needs to be more public. Can't have it both ways you know!

The sermon below is so full of fail I can only present it to you as-is, without comment:

It's interesting that supernatural con-men seem to come to the defense of each others' organizations, even when their stated theology is directly in conflict - just like (for one recent example) Falwell and Sun Myung Moon.  It makes this seem suspiciously similar to political or business maneuvering, rather than any kind of divine revelation.

I like to point out every so often that San Diego's neighboring Coronado Islands figured prominently in old Ron Hubbard's past: "...Hubbard unwittingly sailed the PC-815 into Mexican territorial waters and conducted gunnery practice off the Coronado Islands, in the belief that they were uninhabited and belonged to the United States. The Mexican government complained and Hubbard was relieved of command. A fitness report written after the incident rated Hubbard as unsuitable for independent duties and "lacking in the essential qualities of judgment, leadership and cooperation." (From Russell Miller's biography of Hubbard, which the Church tried to stop with every hardball intimidation tactic you can imagine.)  The Nation of Islam's Farrakhan has been engaged in similar or worse nonsense, and his group has actuall killed at least one journalist.  But then again, I would say things like this, since I'm both one of the Ice People AND a future psychiatrist, so I'm ++ungood!

In all seriousness, eventually I'd like to put a field trip together to go up to the Scientology compound in Hemet. I'm not sure exactly what really but it's right there and I feel like there's an opportunity we're missing.

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