Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prop 37 (the GMO One) and Presidential Vote

This is not a political blog but it's worth putting up a figure from Razib Khan's blog at Discover, correlating voting for Obama and voting yes on 37. He observes that this was very divisive among the left-liberal pro-science set, something which was very true in the San Diego rationalist community, but also that scientifically the evidence is strongly pro-GMO safety.


Philippe Roy said...

I have yet to do due diligence into GMO. The last thing I read was a critique of how the body of research that supported the safety of GMO was almost entirely industry funded. That critique implied that unfavorable results would be left unpublished, but did not give any evidence of unfavorable results existing.

Generally I have defended GMO and the process of peer-review. However, the mess of news on climate change has also shown me how much disinformation can be easily spread by profit motive.

Long-term, of course I side with the research. The problem is short-term. How long does it take for small sample-size studies conducted over the short term to be either confirmed or refuted by larger longer term studies? Where on that timeline does GMO research stand?

Michael Caton said...

Hey, how's life overseas? You're right, there's a lot of industry-generated information on this question, and I appreciate that concern. But speaking generally, but for our provisional decisions we have to go with the information that we have.